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Yangzi GX1 Electric Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

About Yangzi And GX1:

The Yangzi GX1 electric floor scrubber has undergone a new upgrade. The brush material is upgraded that is durable and has a longer service life. The squeegee material is upgraded, and the aluminum alloy squeegee is not easy to rust. The copper wire of the motor is encrypted and upgraded, which is strong and not easy to damage. The operating noise of the machine is reduced that meets the commercial industry mute standard. The battery performance is steadily improved and the power is strong. GX1 walk behind floor scrubber is intelligent and self-propelled, it cleans about 3450㎡; in one hour.

Product Features:

# Water tank double float induction device

# Intelligent self-propelled, efficient cleaning

# Clean about 3450m² in 1 hour

# AMETEK silent motor, light tone and dust-free work

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Product Pictures:

powerful decontamination  durable, easy to clean, free hands  intelligent self-propelled  500w surging power  light tone and dust-free work  easy operation with one button  large capacity water tank  water inlet and sewage outlet  

water tank float induction device

aluminum squeegee  powerful battery life  Yangzi GX1 Electric Walk Bhind Floor Scrubber(20)

Product Manual:

Yangzi GX1 Electric Walk-behind Floor Scrubber

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