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Yangzi X1 Mini Walk-behind Floor Scrubber Machine

Brand: Yangzi

Model No: X1

Application: Floor washing, floor scrubbing

Supply Ability: 1500 Sets per month

Package: Standard wooden packing

Material: Plastic

Product Details:

This equipment is a professional automatic cleaning equipment. X1 floor scrubbing machine is suitable for the cleaning of flat ground. It uses a 13 inch brush plate or needle holder to clean the ground. The washed dirty water is sucked into the sewage tank by the suction rack at the back of the machine. It only needs to walk the machine on the ground once to complete the cleaning work. The X1 model walk-behind scrubber is one of the most popular cleaning machines due to its ease of operation and high functionality.

super power and more durable

Applicable Scene:

clean hard ground more effective

Our Advantages:

1. The appearance of the machine can be customized;

2. The machine logo can be replaced with the customer's logo;

3. Worldwide delivery, fast delivery;

4. Provide user manuals, maintenance videos, and quickly deal with after-sales problems;

5. Yangzi is the largest cleaning equipment manufacturing group in China;

About Yangzi:

Yangzi Clean is the largest cleaning machines manufacturing group in China with a history of more than 40 years, providing unique solutions to cleaning needs for groups around the world. Yangzi Cleaning has 4 production bases and 12 production lines, and its products cover more than 1,000 types of scrubbers, sweepers, vacuum cleaners, high-pressure cleaners, forklifts, snow blowers, etc. As the most leading enterprise in China, we provide the most perfect solutions for customers all over the world, and we currently have agents in Korea, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.

Special requirements can be customized to support global delivery, please feel free to contact us.

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More Details:

walk-behind floor scrubber details

Product Manual:

Yangzi X1 Small Walk-behind Floor Scrubber

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