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Yangzi SC50 Pro Autonomous Floor Scrubber

Brand: Yangzi

Model: SC50 Pro

Compared with the SC50 robot floor scrubber, the Pro model adds 2 visual sensors on both sides of the machine, which can better detect obstacles, prevent collisions, and is safer.


Precise positioning and identification:

Single-line laser + RGBD + ultrasonic + anti-collision sensor, as well as a variety of sensors integrated with multi-mode obstacle avoidance algorithms, maximize the accuracy and speed of obstacle recognition in the scene, ensure the safe recognition ability of the machine during operation, and avoid collisions.


Fully automated operation:

It has powerful functions such as automatic adjustment of roller brushes, cleaning, water leakage detection, automatic water replenishment and drainage, automatic charging, access control, elevator linkage, etc.


Equipped with large-capacity battery + fast charging mode:

Equipped with a 60Ah large-capacity battery, a super large clean water tank and a sewage tank with a total capacity of 72L, and a workstation with automatic water replenishment and drainage. It also has a fast charging function that can be fully charged in 50 minutes, allowing the SC50Pro to quickly enter working status without excessive human intervention.



Suitable for multiple scenarios, consult us today for more details!

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