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Yangzi-SC50 Robot Floor Scrubber

Brand: Yangzi

Model: SC50

Completely automated floor cleaning, integrating all Yangzi's R&D technologies!

Product main picture: 


Yangzi SC50 autonomous floor scrubber has 8 features:

1. Adaptive lifting roller brush module for intelligent cleaning;

2. Freely switch between sweeping, dust removal and other modes;

3. The side brush automatically recognizes and cleans edges, providing all-round cleaning;

4. Support breakpoint recovery, water leakage detection, automatic water replenishment and charging, fully automated;

5. Integrate positioning and sensing technology to intelligently identify different road conditions;

6. Supports automatic uploading of operation reports, making management convenient;

7. Excellent running time, providing 5-7 hours of cleaning service;

8. Equipped with double-sided brushes and double roller brushes to avoid clogging and require no manual intervention.


Workstation equipped with our robotic floor scrubber:


It has functions that allow the machine to automatically replenish water, drain water, and charge.

Water Filling Speed: 7~10L/min

Draining Speed: 3~6L/min

If you want to know more about our robot floor scrubbers, please feel free to keep in touch with us and our cleaning experts will provide you with the best solutions.

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