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Yangzi-SC80 Robotic Floor Scrubber

Brand: Yangzi

Model: SC80

Maximize cleaning efficiency and operate completely automatically.


SC80 has multi-line laser + single-line laser + RGBD + ultrasonic + anti-collision sensor. It is designed with a multi-mode obstacle avoidance algorithm based on multiple sensor fusions, which helps improve SC80's recognition accuracy and speed of obstacles in the scene and ensures safe recognition capabilities.


Autonomous driving brain algorithm support, as well as more efficient and reasonable path planning algorithms, help ensure the safety of the machine, while improving the cleaning efficiency of the floor scrubber, resulting in more recycling and cleaning times per day.


The 200Ah large-capacity battery, the ultra-large cleaning water tank and sewage tank with a total capacity of 210L, and the automatic charging and drainage workstation make the SC80 worry-free and do not require too much human intervention.



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