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Yangzi 306 Commercial Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Yangzi 306 commercial vacuum cleaner specializes in various environments such as workshop and warehouse, and can easily clear 1000㎡ in 6 minutes. The new generation of vortex cyclone technology increases the suction force, and the efficiency is more than 2 times higher than that of conventional vacuum cleaners. Operating diameter of 27 meters, cleaning does not leave dead corners. The vacuum is matched with a ground brush that is pushed and sucked to meet the needs of large-area cleaning.

Product Features:

# Safety water valve to protect the motor

# Multi-layer filtration, reject secondary pollution

# Intelligent pressure relief

3500w multi-core power(wet and dry)multifunction vacuum(defeat dust)40 years of clean manufacturing experience3500w high powerYangzi 306 Commercial Wet Dry Vacuum Cleanerdeal with large particles and sewage cleaningstrong suction wet usehigher cleaning efficiencyvarious accessoriesYangzi make cleaning easier

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