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M30 Hand Push Floor Scrubber

The M30 wireless lightweight hand push scrubber has a powerful 400W water-absorbing motor, which increases the suction power by 36% and leaves no traces after one wash. It can be used in multiple areas, one machine can reach many people, and it can easily solve multiple ground dirt, saving time and effort. The foldable design allows it to be adjusted up to 180°, which is convenient for storage and organization, so that there is no sewage in low corners. The newly upgraded intelligent noise reduction technology keeps us away from noise during use. More perfect design, more excellent details, is to improve your experience.

M30 Floor Scrubber(1)

M30 Floor Scrubber(3)

M30 Floor Scrubber(4)

M30 Floor Scrubber(5)

M30 Floor Scrubber(6)

M30 Floor Scrubber(7)

M30 Floor Scrubber(8)

M30 Floor Scrubber(9)

M30 Floor Scrubber(10)

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